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A story of a young school boy yusuke urameishi and his adventures through the spirit and human world fighting evil demons and protecting human world as the latest spirit detective. he also has help from many friends along his journey to guide him through peril and to save the world.

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this wki will explain the adventures of the great spirit detective yusuke urameishi.

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  • discussion page Talk:Kuwabara kazuma
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    Comment: worse thing i ever read most of these things did not happen did you even read the manga before you wrote this also kazuma is his first name retard...
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    Summary: Hide 'Pages with broken file links' category, see []
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  • new page Gen-kai
    created by Big photon
    New page: Gen-kai is the most powerful psychic in the world and a winner of the dark tournament. Arter winning in the dark tornament she secluded herself in...
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  • new page Kurama
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    New page: kurama is a student at a high school and is called shinichi, his human alias, he is a very calm and careful being but when in fight is more ruthless...
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  • new page Heie
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    New page: Heie is a demon who entered human world originally to gain the abilities of the jigan eye which would enable to control mass humans at once. he was...
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  • new page Kuwabara kazuma
    created by Big photon
    New page: kuwabara kazuma is yusuke's long life rival and best freind. His power is similar to yusuke's in the fact they bath are humans who have the power to...
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